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Solar Limpets certificated on-site training is mandatory. Without installer certification we will not supply Solar Limpets.

Carried out on site during your customers installation, the training ensures that the installers are fully aware of the simple but exact installation methods for either tile or slate application.

Please Note:

While it is possible to install Solar Limpets onto Cambrian and Hardrow type slates plus artificial and some natural stone slates, initial training must be carried out on the standard, natural and artificial 20 x 10 type slates to achieve certification.

Most training is completed within 4 hours and will not hold up your installation. An installer certificate is issued and subsequently maintained by Solar Limpets.


Training for up to 4 installers for tile or slate application: £150.00

Training is only carried out on site during a customer’s install.

Training times will depend on how quickly your installers learn the simple but exact install procedures. Normally within 4 hours for either slate or tile application.

In House Training

Solar Limpets has an In House Training Certification procedure, which enables your fully certificated installers to train other members of your team at no cost.

Please Note:

Training can only be undertaken on roof elevations provided with professional scaffolding access. DIY towers, ladders and harnesses are not suitable for training purposes.

For more information or to arrange training please contact Carl Reynolds 07968 231145.