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Technical Information & Install Guides


Solar Limpets are warranted for the life of the system they support, subject to the following conditions:

  • The hands on installer has undergone Solar Limpet training for that roof covering type, and is certificated as competent.
  • Solar Limpet training, associated guides and installation instructions have been complied with in full.
  • The roof was surveyed prior to installation as suitable for Solar PV installation.


All downloads are in PDF format.

Install Videos

The following videos provide a basic illustration of the methods applied for both slate and Rosemary type tile installations. They are for general information and not intended as comprehensive installation instructions.

The above videos are currently being updated. Please check back soon.

Solar Limpets are adaptable to suit numerous roof type constructions, plus the differing types of slate and Rosemary type tiles currently in use in the UK.

Detailed installation instructions to cater for the various types of slate and Rosemary type tile installs you may encounter are covered during the mandatory and certificated on-site training we provide. Additional installation instructions to cater for similar and alternative roof coverings, eg Felt, rubberised, interlocking pantiles, Stone slate, Cambrian interlocking slate tiles and Hardrow slate and tiles, is available for the use of Solar Limpet certificated installers.

An install guide for the information of trained installers is included with every box of Solar Limpets supplied.

cartoon of Solar Limpets in action