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Cable Entry

Solar Limpets Tile Cable Entry

The Solar Limpets Tile Blank can be simply adapted to provide an efficient, practical 4 or 6mm cable entry point. Please view the video below or see page 4 of the fixing guide for more information.

View the tile fixing guide here

Avoiding Fragile Tile Breakages

Solar Limpets tile blanks can be used to replace the tiles under Limpets to avoid fragile handmade clay-type tile breakages

Using Limpet Tile Blanks to replace tiles below the Limpet baseplate will reduce damage to fragile tile roofs. Also, using 1.2m lengths of 4 x 2inch timber rested on the installed Limpets in addition to the rails will also help spread any compression loading during the installation. See our video below for more information.

Vertical Rail Mounting 'L' Brackets

The Solar Limpet metal 'L' bracket adapts the Limpet adjustable bracket (on Tile or Slate installations) to enable the use of rails mounted top to bottom, required for some landscape panel orientation options. View the 'L' bracket video below or download our 'L' bracket fixing guide for more information.

View our 'L' bracket fixing guide here

Fixing Screw Lengths

Solar Limpets screws

Solar Limpets provides a range of screw lengths from 40mm to 200mm. Longer lengths up to 260mm may be available on application.

The standard-length screw fixing supplied for rafter fixings on tile and slate will be 115mm.

If the roof has been counter-battened, the minimum screw length recommended would be 130mm, depending on the thickness of the counter-batten used.

For overlaid insulated warm roofs, longer sizes will be required depending on both the thickness of the installation and counter battens.

For further advice regarding application to other suitable roofing surfaces, commercial and domestic, contact Solar Limpets technical support (Carl Reynolds 07968 231145).

Identifying Suitable Tile Types

Solar Limpets are suitable for the majority of 10 x 6 Rosemary-type tiles. See the slides below to identify compatible types.

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Adjustable Bracket and Rail Fitting

Solar Limpets are suitable for side-fix type rails only.

Adjustable bracket fitting and recommended tightening procedure. The rail connecting bolts should be sourced from your rail supplier to match your chosen rail. When fixing the rail to the adjustable bracket, tighten until the nut bites, and then another half to one-third turn is sufficient. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.

Fixing Guides

SL FG TRS Fixing Guide Tile Roof System Issue 4

Tile roof system fixing guide

Tile roof system fixing guide
SL-FG-LB – Fixing Guide – L Bracket for Vertical Rail Mounting – Issue 2

'L' bracket fixing guide

'L' bracket fixing guide


SL D TRS Datasheet Tile Roof System Issue 1

Tile roof system datasheet

Tile roof system datasheet
SL-D-LB Datasheet L Bracket for Vertical Rail Mounting Issue 2

'L' bracket datasheet

'L' bracket datasheet
SL-D-PMJ – Datasheet – PMJ Screw Fixing Type – Issue 1

Fixing screws datasheet

Fixing screws datasheet

Test Reports

BRE Solar Limpets Wind Uplift, Weathertightness and Snow Load Testing Report

Wind Uplift, Weathertightness and Snow Load Testing Report

Wind Uplift, Weathertightness and Snow Load Testing Report
Solar Limpets Fire Tests Report

Fire Tests Report

Fire Tests Report

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