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Solar Limpets roof hook systems

Launched in 2012, Solar Limpets are a unique innovation in roof hook technology. Designed by an installer for installers, providing economical, easy and fast installation onto slate Rosemary-type tiles and flat roofs.


Solar Limpet Roof Hook Systems


Solar Limpets are warranted for 20 years, on condition that they are ONLY installed by persons trained and certificated by Solar Limpets, installation instructions are complied with and that the roof has been surveyed as suitable for PV installation.

See our training section regarding, On-Site, Online and In-House training availability.


Solar Limpets what a fantastic product and a UK-based company, designed for all slate types and Rosemary tiles. We have been using these for around a year now and can't praise them enough: quick installation, minimal penetration to the roof, and massively reduced breakages to tiles. A game changer!

Solar Limpets easy install
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We fitted the Limpets in just 2 hours, including on site training. No breakages, no stripping slates and no previous knowledge. Happy installers.

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