Advantages of Solar Limpets  

100% Weatherproof- Guaranteed.
No slate removals, cutting or flashing required.
Will not cause tiles or slates to kick up.

Suitable for all cement & clay 10x6 tiles



Natural and artificial slate of all sizes.
Optional adjustable brackets for either side or bottom rail fix.
(Specify your preference when ordering)

Traditional Roof Hooks - v - Solar Limpets
A complete Comparison

Economical, fast and easy to install.
Saving you time & money.

Weather proof DC wire entry




                             Weatherproof DC cable                                  entry adjustment.     


Limpets replaceing laddersNo need for ladders

No more ridge ladders necessary.
Limpets support timber ladder rungs for roof access
reducing slate and tile breakages by up to 80%

Making a 16 panel install on the roof within half a day possible.

            See for yourself, check out the installation videos.     

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