Solar Limpets are a revolutionary new solar roof bracket for the installation of solar panel rails. Saving you up to 80%on current solar roof bracket installation times. Designed by a solar installer, Solar Limpets make the installation of solar roof brackets and rails trouble-free even in the most difficult fixing applications.


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Fixing Solar Panel rails has just got a lot easier 

No more clumsy steel brackets with varying degrees of adjustment, difficult fixing applications, chopping bits out of tiles and once fitted, subsequent broken tiles courtesy of installers feet. Manufactured from high grade PVC, Solar Limpetsä are simple to install on both tile or slate roof elevations and will save you up to 80% on current bracket installation times. Job done, ready for the rail, fully adjustable bracket, adjusts up, down, backwards and sideways, you can stand on Solar Limpets,ä its unique design will even allow you to do away with your ladders. Get in! Watch the installation videos to see the Solar Limpets in action.

        suitable for all cement & clay 10x6 tiles   suitable for natral & artificial slate of all sizes                                                 
 The Revolutionary
    Solar Limpets
      Roof Hooks 


  Vertical bracket option for side fix rail systems

      Launched at
ecobuild 2012

       Designed and made in Great Britain
      Patent App No: 1114372.4
       Solar Limpetsä is a trade mark of MMS Oxfordshire Ltd